A few months ago, there was a ‘Concours d’Elegance of Texas’ (go ahead, snicker, it’s okay). The idea of shooting it straight up didn’t really appeal to me — I don’t really the atmosphere and sameness of car show photos, but the idea of shooting video to create gif moments seems really interesting. Especially when you get there before it starts and you can capture the preparations.

So with my friend and frequent collaborator Will Pierce, we shot a bunch of short video with two cameras, one on a steadicam and one on a tripod. Some of these moments are fun, and I’ve included the rest anyway. I’ve also included the gif from our Vic Elford interview from the same weekend, which was really fantastic and can be found here.


Note: I almost didn’t post this because I couldn’t find a way to make these appear at 600px wide. Kinja is very adept at undoing every hack and technique I tried to make them not postage stamp sized. Oh well.