In Clutch City, car culture rivals those on the West and East coast. We play our game a little differently, however. We like our horsepower. Lots of it. We are the leading standard for it! Then, once every month, we round up as much horsepower as we can into one spot. That gathering is known as Coffee & Cars.

With good things, come bad things. Several drivers feel the freedom a little too strongly and they get rev happy or wheel spin happy. Or worst of all, in the mood for showing off by driving too fast and beyond their own limit.

A few of these drivers being in the mood for showing off by driving too fast lets non-enthusiast drivers and police get this idea that they're street racing. Sadly, these combination of bad things lead to tighter restrictions handed down by the venue that's been hosting Houston's gathering for a little over two years. The situation's gotten so bad, the event has had no location to host a gathering at since July.

Then December came. It's the most important month of the year for the gathering. It's a time when anybody showing up for the gathering can bring unwrapped toys to donate to kids in hospitals and women's shelters. This month is typically meticulously planned in advance to have some special turnouts. That way, this encourages people to attend and donate.

The gathering was resurrected for December in a shopping center parking lot containing Billiards Factory and Target. The goals were different this month. December's gathering focused on fundraising for Max, a 2-year-old boy who was diagnosed with liver cancer just before Thanksgiving arrived. The gathering's Facebook page promoted several special appearances, most notably, the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.

It's no good attending a gathering solely to only check out two cars. Owners who have cars that are heavily lusted for show up in decent numbers as well.


A Ferrari and Alfa Romeo enthusiast brought out his brand new Ferrari 458 Speciale. There was a Hellcat present on the premises. C7 Z06 owners had just taken delivery and were commanding attention. A lovely Phoenix Yellow E46 M3 was parked next to an equally lovely Phoenix Yellow M4. Plus everything else in between.