Hello photography this is my first post here so AMA I started getting into photography early this year and bought a Canon Rebel T5 with the kit 18-55mm lens and have been trying to learn how to be a better photographer and learn all the different settings and how best to use them. I would appreciate any advice and information you can give me and I’m happy to be able to share what I have with you guys and gals.

Last Sunday I downloaded a trial of Photoshop Lightroom to see if I liked the software. I really did like it but don’t think I’ll be buying it for a while. It retails for $120 but I found a sight where I can buy it for $90 if I show my student ID. I liked the software enough to buy it but money is tight right now so I have decided to wait for a little while. These are the photos I edited. Please let me know if you have any favorites and what you think of the photos

I also have a personal blog with more posts and stories at momentumkr.blogspot.com if your interested. Thanks for reading.