Hey! I was given authorship here so I figured I’d introduce myself. Some might know me as someone who rarely shows up on Oppo.

I recently caught the photography bug, when I was given a GoPro Hero+ for Christmas. It’s my first real camera, after years of awful cheap digital cameras and cell phone cameras that were even worse than those. I’ve been amazed by this little camera so far, both in video and photo quality. While I’m far from the best, I figure the best use of any photo is sharing and story telling, so it’s worth a shot!

Today the lady and I went to Woodcock Creek Park, an Army Corps of Engineers dam site not far from me. We hit the hiking trails to see what it looked like under snow. Enough talking, on to the shots!

These were all shot with my GoPro Hero+. I was using a small flexible tripod type mount, but some of these shots were simply handheld. As far as editing goes, a few of them are straight as the camera took them, but most of them got a minor brightness adjustment because it was getting dark and GoPros aren’t the greatest in low light. A few others got a minor sharpness adjustment, and a small crop.