Hi Folks -

OK, so I bought a Holga last week and during a lunchtime walk, I shot a roll of ISO 400 Lomography B/W. This film/speed was "chosen" more or less by accident. The camera shop I go to had a bunch of expired 120 film and they wrapped them up in packs of 3 - Color, B/W, and ???. I got a ??? pack that came with this, some ISO 50-200 color and 800 color. Using a chart that I was given, considering the shutter speed (assuming 1/100th) and aperture (assuming f/16 to f/20 or so), I figure I should have been shooting ISO 100 or so, not 400...so I half expected everything to come out overexposed. I was pleasantly surprised. Also, I was surprised at how well I sealed up any light leaks.

These were prints scanned on a standard Brother flatbed scanner. One detail that did not show up was the random frame numbers. Not sure if this is a Lomography film thing or a Holga thing, but the only way the film would load was "upside down" (all writing was upside down). As I was shooting with the 6 x 6 mask, I was going to assume 12 shots/roll. Normally, I'd have set the little slide switch thing on the back to show the numbers next to the "12"...but as I knew the film was upside down, I set it to show the numbers next to the "16". You can see the numbers on the first and third shots.


Overall opinion: The Holga is a funky, weird camera that's a lot of fun. I think not having much invested in it leads to a "fuck it - let's see what happens" attitude.