So I don't often go to events with lots of cars, unfortunately, but I did last weekend! I took a few pictures and thought you might enjoy them. Disclaimers as usual: I don't hardly ever shoot cars, so I'm not too good at it. I only have the one 50mm 1.8 lens, so you don't get any fun wide-angle crazy shots. I never take as many pictures as I want or should. I am always in a hurry because I can't spend all day looking at the VWs. I never write down exactly what I took a picture of, despite telling myself to remember and bring my Field Notes. Positive feedback and constructive criticism are quite welcome, hope you enjoy one or two shots!

There were a lot of bugs there, as usual. Many of them were super nice, though. I would drive most of them.

I said MOST of them were nice! (This one is pretty flippin' cool though)

This was a nice M3. I wouldn't have chosen the wheels, but they are acceptable by me. Lightly modified, very clean, classier angel eyes than I have.

Lots of these Transporter/Kombis there. Many very nicely restored or personalized. All very clean or well loved, so not really any duds in the mix here.

I loved this guy's display with his vintage Schwinn. It all went together very nicely.

Some of you out there on Oppo might like this. I thought it was pretty silly. I chuckled at it and took a picture for you. Chuckle or be impressed, it's up to you. It was very clean, so it gets credit for that.

This was an awesome old converted delivery truck. I have NO IDEA why I didn't end up taking a picture from the side with the faded company logos for you. I swear I did when I was there, but it isn't on my card. I checked. :(

This is my favorite emblem ever. I wish I had nailed the focus and exposure of it, but my wife walked up as I was shooting this car and distracted me. Still, gotta love the Wolfsburg crest.

That's me inside of a wheel. A very clean and shiny wheel. The wheel belongs to an MG build with a VW engine in it. Many MG fans think it's sacrilege, but it's actually a very very nice car. I sort of know the guy that built it, so I got to see it while he was restoring the body.

I'm sure I've made an error somewhere up above, so feel free to point that out to me. A few of these pics and a few others can be found on my 500px profile. Farewell!