I have been allowed to print 2 pictures of mine for the house, which is a big deal since my wife hates scenic photography (more of a art and people pics person). So I need help picking a few. Thoughts?

I like this one, but it was cell phone so I don’t know how well it will print.
EDIT - I put the moon back to the way it ought to be,
Love this one, but Im not sure about the size, pano’s are a pain to frame.
eh. Memories more than the image.
Also love this pano, its not overly geographically locked either, just general pretty.
The non-pano version.
more low res stuff that may not print well.
This one plays to my wife’s need for people in pictures.
Ditto these cuties.
I really like this one.
EDIT - I re-oriented this one properly
EDIT - I fixed some panoramic blending issues with this one

I added a few more I forgot about

So what do you think?