Yesterday I went out to shoot for a bit. The only rule was everything will be black and white.

After eating lunch with Lady SonicGabe and starting the day with a pretty cool shot on the iPhone, I grabbed the Nikon and hit the streets.

I went over to Ybor City, one of Tampa’s historical districts. On the weekends, Ybor’s streets are full of drunk party people going to it’s many clubs and bars. On a Monday afternoon, there are a handful of random people eating lunch and other folks doing whatever it is they do down there.


Ybor has been photographed countless times from almost every angle. I normally wouldn’t even bother shooting down there as it’s all been done. I wanted to challenge myself to shoot things that might get over looked; things that wouldn’t make it on the Chamber Of Commerce website. Since everything was going to be converted to black and white, I was looking for textures and contrast. This is what I came back with.

Down below at street level, this is a trendy cigar shop; up top looks like it’s about to fall apart
Doorway decay
I think Pink Floyd wrote a song about this.
This alley still smelled of Saturday night.
Mini ecosystem thriving in the shadows
That hole is just the right size and height to have been made by a head.
Seriously, look up from time to time!
I was really digging on the clouds from the top of the parking garage.
Plenty of parking on a Monday.
Those clouds just go on forever!