In the world of automotive unicorns, there are plenty of rare breeds. Exotics, supercars, one-offs, a Chevy powered van called a Skarab... But this BMW 2000 tii Touring is a unique unicorn. Given that vintage BMW's are all the rage these days, it's amazing that most car guys don't even know this thing exists. So... Ghost unicorn? Works for me.

The younger (possibly more fun) sibling of the BMW 2002 and a smaller distant cousin of the BMW 3.0 CSL, the 2000 tii Touring is an interesting concoction of late 60's early 70's bavarian styling 'up front' with the added bonus of 'party in the rear' hatchback fun. From the front and even from the front 3/4 view, the Touring looks like a normal 2002 with it's classic kidney grille and round headlamps complete with the hard clam-shell finishing lines that run parallel to each other the length of the car from the hood to the trunk just below window height and again along the lower rocker panels from bumper to bumper. The moment the profile reveals itself you suddenly realize you've been fooled. It's a BMW alright... with a rather oddly slanted C pillar and air circulation vent system. In my mind it's not ugly in it's design or implementation. It's just unexpected.

With less than 70,000 kilometers (about 40k miles) on the odometer, this specimen is in fantastic shape. The interior is spotless and the seats and dash are in amazing condition. This car has most definitely been driven but you know it's been taken car of properly. You might notice the door a bit ajar on a few of the photos later on. A small plastic part involved in the closure mechanism failed while we were shooting. It went unnoticed until we discovered it in the photo editing process. Just one of the perils of owning a 40 year old machine.

The owner, a longtime BMW enthusiast, estimates there to be between 50-100 BMW 2000 Touring models in the US and Canada these days but this specific model is one of two cars that were imported by the distributor. So now I'm going to dub it a 'Double Ghost Unicorn'. The more I look at it the more I feel the urge to fill it with 3 of my friends and road trip the hell out of it from Germany to Austria to Lichtenstein and back. But alas, I am stuck just staring at it's angular beauty/slanted oddness. Like a pretty girl with an asymmetrical face. You just can't put your finger on why you like it. But you do.


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