Fall is coming, and with it snow will arrive in the high peaks of Colorado. I had been wanting to drive the White Pearl up Mt. Evans this year as a bit of a break-in drive but summer schedules kept bumping the goal off of the priority list. This Saturday turned out to be commitment-free and the weather was gorgeous so I bundled the family into the car and we high-tailed it to the tree line.

In my opinion, Mount Evans is one of the better Front Range mountain drives for someone residing in Denver and wanting a quick blast of alpine air. As noted on my previous drive up the peak, one can expect relatively traffic free roads and obstructed access to the peak above 14,000 feet (4000+ meters) if the drive is undertaken early in the morning.

Our drive was not taken early in the morning and a bit of traffic was encountered, which is always a bit of a bummer when driving a small German sports car who's engine wants to rev high, but we still had some fun on the ascent and descent. Sometimes a drive is about going from point A to point B quickly, and sometimes it's about just getting away and being in a beautiful place. This trip was the latter. I tried to take some cool shots of the car, but I ended up totally distracted by the mountain itself.


As a note, we found out that the actual summit of Mt. Evans becomes closed to automobile traffic after Labor Day every year. This meant that we were unable to drive the last 4 miles of the road, which of course are also the best part of the road. Keep an eye on the calendar when planning your own adventures.

As I drove the roads this year and observed the landscape from a few new vantage points, my resolve to shoot a short car film on these roads increased exponentially. I am determined that once the road opens next year I will find an epic car to shoot and make a small piece of mountain driving magic.

As usual, clicking these images opens the giganto-version. (hopefully this works?)


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