Art Show! 

I am loaded in, set up, and ready for tomorrow morning. I’m tired. I’m hungry. But the weather is fucking beautiful, so I haven’t even broken a sweat. I feel good about my work. My homemade setup isn’t that bad and it’s holding up to some brutal wind. The Ranger is currently blocked in, so I’m relaxing. Nothing more…


Close Assault 1944

Last May, my family attended a WWII re-enactment titled Close Assault 1944 at Camp Mabry in Austin (I finally got around to editing the photos). Before the re-enactment, the soldiers of both sides described and demonstrated the various small arms used by the two combatants. In the mock battle that followed, members of…

PiC - People in Chicago

So, the final post of my Chicago walk last weekend is of the people I saw all around me. I found myself being a bit more bold this time, not asking and just snapping. People were either friendly or didn’t even notice. And those that were homeless or performing I made sure to give some money to before photographing.…


On my Chicago trip, I found that take photos of people taking photos was quite fun and turned out really nice! The last one here I can’t help but smile about because she finished taking her photo right after I took mine, turned to me, and just started laughing.


Faux 2 Gorillary

What sap, bud’ies?! Water we all up to? What’s crackin? I shan’t punish you further. I had four days off in a row this week, it was kind of like a movie or show where people are just hanging out together with no discernible work world. There was a new ping pong table, some tennis with the lad, aka, chase the ball fast…

Chicago's Doggos!

Yesterday I took a trip to Chicago starting at 10am and ending at 8:30pm. 23 miles later I had taken almost 1000 photos (I’m getting more particular about my shots). Most of them either dogs or people. So, my first post is the dogs, because everyone loves dogs, right?