The inaugural Jalopnik Film Fest got off to a fast start at the Classic Car Club Manhattan last night as guests were treated to an opening night panel of Kazunori 'Kaz' Yamauchi (CEO Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo Series), Tamir Moscovici (Director of Urban Outlaw, and the upcoming Gran Turismo Anniversary Film), Ken Block (Tire Slayer), and James Glickenhouse (Director, auto collector, P4/5 visionary, and enthusiast) moderated by Jalopnik's own EOC, Matt Hardigree.

Surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous antiques (including an original '66 Ford GT40 in Gulf livery, a Jaguar E-Type, and an extra purty original '65 AC Cobra) readers and guests were treated to quality face time with Jalopnik writers and editors. A number of 15th Anniversary Gran Turimso 6 simulators were open for gaming, drinks were had, finger food was demolished, and Matt Farrah and Bill Caswell held court in the corner. Needless to say, it was a blast.