Finally, It Launched!

After being scrubbed yesterday, the ULA Atlas V launched right on time tonight. The sky was clear and cloudless, so I shot in portrait to get some star trails at the top of the frame. Every other launch I watched from here has curved off to the north (left), this one went south and right out of frame. This is a 178…

Working On My Scanning

Trying to get the hang of scanning my film as flat as I can to get as much information as possible from the negative, then editing it back to a good look. On the right is how my shot looked coming right from how my scanner wanted to process it. At the left is how it looked after I scanned it as flat as possible to…

Some Test Shots

In preparation for shooting Thursday night’s ULA Atlas V launch, I went up the street to my launch viewing spot to dial in the ye olde Nikkor 50mm for night shooting. With the aperture opened all the way to f/1.4 or even at f/2, the field depth is so tight that it’s nearly impossible to focus at the infinite setting.

Photo Gallery

Well here we are, in the midst of January. In the U.S. we’re about to begin an unpresidented precidency, and for many, joy is in short supply. I saw the new star wars last night, and today got some new shoes for the lad. He wanted red and white ones; we came home with some low top all-stars. Also this week, the living…


Goto Phallery

Due to a mistaken auto-correct, “hodge podge” is being experimented with around the house. I do not find it a graceful term, Mod Podge is better. I should have some snow pictures, but we didn’t get a whole lot, so the lad and I had one good play in the stuff, and then it was the ‘ole hide-from-the-cold game.